Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

A fun and relaxing way to explore our area’s lakes and reservoirs

Stand Up Paddle Boards are a wonderful, fun, and family-friendly way to get on the water and explore the beauty of some of our area’s pristine lakes and reservoirs. Available for pick up from the McKenzie Outdoor Center, our NRS  and Stand on Liquid paddleboards are inflatable, meaning they’re easy to transport no matter the vehicle you’re in! Our rentals are $40 for a half day, and $60 for a full day and include:

  • Paddle board (various sizes)
  • Paddle
  • Personal floatation device
  • Pump
  • Drybag (to carry your snacks, etc)
  • Wetsuit and booties (optional)

Not sure where to paddle? Here are a handful of options, all within about 20 -25 minutes of the McKenzie Outdoor Center:

  • Clear Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Smith Reservoir
  • Traibridge Reservoir
  • Cougar Reservoir
  • Blue River Reservoir

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